Saturday, November 9, 2013

Have you ever noticed that many of our most beautiful moments are accompanied by food? Think about that luncheon you had recently with your girlfriends, or the dinner you made for your significant other to celebrate his or her promotion.  And there's a reason people are radiating toward cookie bouquets instead of just flowers - face it, we all love to eat!

Some of us also love to cook, and some of us might love to cook if we only knew how.  But many novices work far too hard in their day job to want to be tied down to making elaborate dishes with things they don't commonly have on hand, or they may not want to follow directions that don't necessarily work.  A tasty end product is worth it - but an unattractive, and/or a less than tasty dish will never do!

Hopefully, this is where this blog comes in.  I'd primarily like to address the needs of the novice who wants an easy way to learn basic cooking. However, everyone is welcome! I can see small families,  divas who just need to catch up and make a great dish once in awhile, and even empty nesters who have time to play around with meals for two, peeking in from time to time..  And, there's nothing to say those with 3 or 4 - or even 8 - in your family - cannot adjust a recipe to fit your family's fare.  After all, everyone is really welcome here.

When we're ready, we will begin to look at some things a bit more complicated.  But through it all I'll tie a little bow on everything by providing you with some interesting banter and a tip or two about the process I use personally for cooking.  Come along with me and you will see that cooking can be fun for everyone!

Each post will contain a recipe or two, and will always include clear cooking instructions.  I can pick some of the recipes, but feel free to comment on what you'd like to cook.  I am definitely always open to customer requests.   This blog is to help YOU with your quest to cook food that is worthy of serving during your own Moments of Beautiful (MOB).

When I post next I am going to begin with spices because I think having these are a real short cut to serving great food. Face it, no one wants to eat a bland dish!  

I will also  have other things specifically for the holidays as we are moving into that time of year.  If you will be spending the holidays with Mama you can begin when that's over - face it, I don't think you'll need any help if she's a good cook!

Don't forget to join my blog so you don't miss a thing, and I'll see you again soon!